About Dayz

Our developer- and
user-first stance
supports all users

We began in 2008 as a developer agency supporting the generation of profits from software developed and owned by third parties. Utilizing the knowledge and experience we have gained since then, we are rolling out and operating software and services developed on our own.
From our base in Nihonbashi, at the center of Tokyo, we reliably and continually provide products and services demanded by users, with "Made in Japan" safety and peace of mind.

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Giving form to desires, needs, and ambitions

All of our services are developed by our developers themselves from ideas and skills drawn from program languages and architectures, and from the comments and wishes of customers. This is because we believe that the experiences and viewpoints of the people who engage with and touch our services are key assets. Toward that end, at Dayz we have prepared an environment that offers places and opportunities for all engineers to communicate their own ideas and to take up the challenge of creating their own work.

Description of business

Original ideas and
give rise to services

Dayz engages in the development and operation of its own original software:

For all developers and all users

We leverage the knowledge and experience gained through our original development and services, along with our relationships with trusted clients and partners, to engage in business as a developer agency that supports profit generation, development, analysis/statistics, and press releases/PR for software owned by individual and enterprise developers.

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Company Overview

Dayz Inc.
Managing Director:
Ashita Tamaki
¥5 million
April 1, 2008
of business:
Development and provision of Internet services; software development, operation, and support
130 Building 4F, Nihonbashi-kobunacho 2-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0024
For inquiries: info@dayz.jp